Want quick easy crafts? 

Look no further. These badboys are simple, straightforward and require minimal supplies. Whether you are crafting with the kids or engaging adults these make quick, easy icebrakers, they are fun and you get something to keep! Most of these projects take less than an hour and usually requre less than 5 supplies. Or, if you just want to entertaing the kids with something straightforward with minimal mess. These 7 quick easy crafts make it simple for you.


Quick easy crafts

Altered Trading Cards (ATC’s)

Glitter Jar (Relax)

Scribble Pics

Fabric bunting (Stiching is easier!)

Treasure Hunt

Mini Pom-pom bookmarks

Warning! They are addictive!

Button Silhouettes

The lovely ladies at One Stop Digital kindly donated a license for their silhouette templates. Please do not redistribute or use for other projects other than personal. If you want to see more or buy a license, visit their Etsy shop

Quick easy crafts

Have fun and enjoy your crafty quickies!

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