Tamara Laporte (‘willowing’) is a creative catalyst of thousands of beautiful people. She is a celebrated mixed media artist and art teacher who has been running her own creative business since late 2008. Her work can be described as ‘mixed media folk art’ with a focus on ‘magical realism’.

Donna Downey is a bestselling author, instructor and all-around creative force. Donna is a born experimenter, blending and transforming both traditional and unexpected items into meaningful pieces of self expression. A former elementary school teacher, she has synthesized her first love of teaching with her passion for Art and brings this to women via workshops and events around the world.

Jane’s passion is teaching women how to defy self-imposed creative gravity.

Jane believes in delight and laughter. Loves to be inspired and to inspire (ever noticed how one leads to the other?).

She draws, paints, photographs, art journals, writes, films and empowers.

Shimelle teaches online scrapbooking, journaling and crafting classes.

She is all about progression. Through studying {first communication and the highly practical musical theatre, then the even more practical English literature} into teaching {English and assorted other subjects to secondary school students} then back to studying {the actual world} and back into teaching {crafty girls who want to write/record/create more}.

Ivy is an Artist , Art Instructor and Creative Guide. She believes we are all creative beings. By sharing her creative journey, she hopes to inspire, uplift and shine light on others and their own unique gifts.

Jennibellie is a mixed media artist, avid art journaler (journaler of every kind really) bookbinder and a campaigner of eco-friendly creativity; meaning I seem to she say’s ‘use whatever you have – go recycle something!’ daily.

Her site is an amazing place for like-minded creatives to have a loving, supportive, encouraging and INSPIRING place to grow, share and learn. It’s called it ‘Journal Workshops’. Head over now

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