Creativity coach and Mixed Media Artist

I am the terrified creative’s secret wepon. Transforming fear and overwhelm into tangible art that you love, what’s more; healing your mind, body and soul to boot!


Together we will tackle the terror and rebuild your creative confidence so you can indulge in the creative outlet you love.

Firstly, I want to wish you a huge, warm welcome to Inky Paws Art. I’m Jenny, a slightly bonkers creative genius who spends most of her waking hours up to her eyeballs in paint and glue!.

If you have you ever seen someone’s art on Instagram and wished you could produce work like that or find yourself making excuses; ‘not good enough’, ‘no time’.. You are in the right place.

Maybe you are aware of the benefits creativity can bring; mindfullness, healing, calming and self care but just can’t figure out where to begin. (If this is you, check out the Creative Viagra Quiz for your little blue pill – Doctor’s orders!)

I help people rediscover their suppressed creativity, freedom and expression. From taking those first, brave steps to producing art you love. Even if you are convinced that you ‘can’t even draw a stick figure’

But there is so much more than that; Inky Paws is also a journey of discovery, self care, giving you permission to move forward in your life. I have used art on many occasions to support my personal development and healing. I want to help you achieve the same, releasing old fears and issues to give you the freedom you deserve.


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